A Cheese Life book cover feature image

Book Review No. 1

by Gary Pizzoli

Book cover of A Cheese Life by Gary Pizzoli

The following is my review of Gary Pizzoli’s new memoir, A Cheese Life. You may remember Gary as the cheese shop owner I met in clown school, the one who helped me get a job at Helen’s but then wouldn’t hire me at his place which was better and he was a real pill about it. Read all about our adventures here.

A lot of folks think it might be foolish of me to publish a review a book whose author “hates” me. They think maybe I have an “agenda,” that I’m going to “drag” him for “petty” reasons, and that if I “go through with this nonsense I may never work in cheese ever again.”

Folks, all I can say is, I read this book cover to cover six or seven times now, and if I can’t talk about how fantastically AMAZING it is, then well I give up. This book is SPECTACULAR!!!

Oh my goodness, the writing, the photography, the typography, the feel of the pages themselves, woooow, it’s all just so stunning! Even the title is good: “A Cheese Life.” Classic, and not at all derivative. The book even had a nice weight to it. You want to take it everywhere with you, but you don’t want it to get beat up.

You know what was obvious? Gary had a blast writing this book, because it is so very funny. This was the most pleasant of surprises! I didn’t expect to LAUGH so much! A moving memoir with a sense of humor? Move over, Mindy Kaling! And eat your heart out while you’re at it!

And did you know Gary also used to be a BLOGGER? Yep, just like me. As an extra, he put in the back of the book screenshots of his first cheese blog from a decade ago ago, all about his little cheese experiences. His first blog ever, get this, was called The Gouda Chronicles. Nerd alert! LOL

That reminded me of my own first cheese blog, The Stilton Chronicles, the one I stopped updating almost immediately after I started it. Then I looked again and saw that The Gouda Chronicles had “only” about 10K followers back then, and has close to a 1M followers now! Wow hey that’s great! SO great that I’ll go ahead and skip linking to it here. I’m sure you can find it just fine on your own.

Also, can I just say? I just think the timing is so curious because I am just about to self-publish my own book, Cheese on Cheese, all about MY cheese life, and it’s like, I don’t have any followers AT ALL, no offense to me, just saying. So maybe he’ll see this, see that I loved his book, and said nice things, and then he’ll tell people all about MY book, which is called Cheese on Cheese and comes out next month.

Or earlier, if you want! It’s ready to publish, I’m the one publishing it, I just figure, you know, I’d wait a little bit? See if anybody wants to read it?

So yeah, that’s it, loved his book, totally read the entire thing, and now I hope he sees this and shares this, and then reads my book, Cheese on Cheese, and reviews it, and then we become friends, and have funny ironic Twitter feuds, and quote movies to each other, and our followers will just eat it up, and put us in memes and stuff.

Call me, Gary! I know you have my number! Let’s talk cheddar! #thingscheesemongerssay